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Open up to cost-efficient MRSA surveillance testing

The Roche LightCycler MRSA Advanced Test is simple to use and fits the lab workflow seamlessly. More sensitive than culture and more cost-effective than stat testing, the Roche LightCycler MRSA Advanced Test is the right tool for the job. The Roche LightCycler instrument is a proven platform that has repeatedly set the standard for real-time PCR.


Software and platform design simplifies instrument implementation as well as assay expansion in your lab.

  • Enhanced capabilities with established methodologies
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Closed tube operation

Many options and capabilities provide you with flexibility in routine operation or in the creation of user-defined profiles.

  • Multiple reaction volume options
  • Six detection channels
  • Suitable for clinical and research applications
  • Can run from 1-30 samples

Proven reliability allows you to focus on and meet the diagnostic needs of your business.

  • Proven instrument and application history
  • Clinical reputation
  • Data integrity
  • Single vendor solution - Instrument, software, and all consumables designed and optimized to work together and distributed and supported solely by Roche

A simple solution for your Real-Time molecular diagnostics needs 

Multiple reaction volumes Provides flexibility in the development of user-defined applications by utilizing either the 100 uL or 20 uL capillaries.
Six fluorescence detection channels Allows the user flexibility in the selection of detection chemistries that may be utilized in the development of user-defined applications.
Fan design Heating and cooling efficiency allowing for the thermal-cycling of higher reaction volumes without compromising turn around time

Gives you the ability through easy navigation to automate your analysis for routine testing or to customize the settings as needed. Creates experimental protocols quickly by utilizing user-defined templates and macros.

Analysis module

Quantification of nucleic acid concentration is possible without performing amplification.

Performs qualitative detection, absolute and relative quantification, along with melting curve analysis for streamlined data evaluation.

Integrated data and user management

Protects user-defined protocols to simplify use for everyone in the lab, resulting in improved data integrity and reproducibility.

Tracks user actions with available audit trail.

Probe design software (optional)

Automatically defines the optimal primers and probes for various Real-Time PCR applications.

Automated analysis and scoring of sequences according to the design parameters.

Import sequence data and select design parameters for your specific applications.

LightCycler® MRSA Advanced Test (IVD)

Nasal Specimen Collection Protocol

LightCycler® MRSA Advanced Test (IVD) Nasal Specimen Collection Protocol