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Keep pace with the changing needs of your molecular lab

Laboratories have been burdened with inflexible and costly MRSA/SA testing solutions for too long. Finally, there is a better option. With the new cobas MRSA/SA and C diff tests, laboratories now have the ability to test more efficiently than ever before.

Laboratories today need the flexibility to manage daily workflow and varying throughput demands. They also need to be able to adapt quickly when those needs change. Since 1983, Roche has researched and introduced platforms with one goal in mind: helping labs overcome obstacles to the practical use of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology.


cobas 4800 System

Watch the cobas 4800 System in action.

Reduce workload, simplify workflow

Automated workflow, easy to learn

Automation reduces hands-on time and makes the cobas 4800 System easy to operate. The intuitive graphical interface provides all the necessary instructions. Users are guided through each step, from sample loading to starting a new run.

cobas 4800 system worfklow

The cobas 4800 System automates your workflow where you need it most. No reagent prep, no manual sample barcode scanning, and no manual data entry required. 

Load your sample vials and walk away

The cobas 4800 System automatically performs the assay preparation procedure and transfers your samples to 96-well plates, ready for PCR amplification and detection. Labs can process up to188 results within 8 hours of small batch runs.

Lowest hands-on time vs competitors with mixed batching

cobas 4800 system Hands on Time

The cobas 4800 System requires the least amount of hands-on time compared to other competitors. 1

Run mixed batch assays

cobas4800-mixed-batchingThe cobas 4800 System gives you the flexibility to test MRSA/SA, Cdiff, and HSV 1 and 2 test samples in the same run, prepared from different types of primary vials. You can also run different-sized sample batches. 


cobas 4800 System: Where performance and reliability meet

cobas 4800 System Overview

The modular cobas 4800 System delivers flexibility with walk-away sample preparation, plus one of the fastest and most advanced real-time PCR amplification and detection available today.RMS_1.3_cobas4800.png

Save time
  • Automated PCR setup frees lab personnel for other tasks
  • Accepts multiple primary vial formats, including liquid-based cytology (LBC)
  • Supports 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80, 88 or 96 batch sizes and includes two external controls per batch for efficient reagent usage
  • Processes mixed batch assays in the same run 
Reduce error
  • Automatic barcode reader and ready-to-use reagents eliminate manual sample processing
  • Total aspirate and dispense monitoring (TADM) verifies sample transfer in real time
  • CO-RE tip technology helps ensure secure tip attachment, precise tip positioning and reduced aerosol production
Deliver high specificity 
  • Optimized filter design minimizes spectral cross talk
  • Highly efficient signal excitation and data capture reduce signal artifacts and ensure data integrity
Ensure reliable results 
  • Unique Therma-Base™ technology optimizes heat transfer for maximum uniformity and well-to-well reproducibility
  • Automatically checks and validates PCR curve consistency
  • Proprietary kinetic algorithm removes ambiguity 

Sample Collection for the cobas® MRSA/SA Test with the Copan MSwab™ Collection Preservation and Transport System 2,3

MRSA Sample Collection Guide


Sample Collection
MRSA/SA Sample Collection Video

Watch the MRSA/SA Sample Collection Video.



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